The most beautiful weekend getaway on a late autumn day

The weather man clearly said that these two weekends might be the last ones with warm and at most partly cloudy weather we’d enjoy this late and colorful autumn, therefore we took advantage of the good news and ran off Bucharest.

We hit the road to the West with a small group as the gentle autumn light was mostly inviting this time of the year to take a great deal of beautiful photos during our one day trip to the Nicolae Balcescu Manor, one of the best preserved examples of the Brancovenesc architectural style. After a comfortable two-hour drive from Bucharest, we turned left at the entrance of the Milcoiu village and took the most picturesque road up to the manor with a chance to spot ox-drawn hay wagons. The manor is serenely placed on a large estate right at the edge of the forest, completely immersed into the deafening silence.

We caught our breath on the manor’s porch with a cup of hot coffee, pastry and fresh milk while listening to a pleasant introduction about the long history of this place. Shortly afterwards we were invited to explore the rest of the manor, crossing high ceiled rooms adorned in Gothic and traditional style, unspoiled for the past 150 years. The small and dedicated team working in the museum surely did and always does its best in recreating the revolutionary and artistic effervescence of those times.

The high pavilion has a wonderful view, but for high quality pictures we recommend the gardens and the old wooden church similar to the vernacular style in Maramures. The lunch was enjoyed al fresco, among the rose bushes with a complete view of the forest and the manor.

At sundown it was about time to head back to Bucharest.

Tour information:

  • April-November availability;
  • Around 12h duration;
  • Available languages: English, German, French and Spanish;
  • Group size: minimum 4 persons;
  • Price available upon request and depending on the number of participants.

The single day tour activities are subject to change according to weather conditions and number of participants. All fees are included.

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