Postcards from Bucovina: the painted monasteries

There are six of them, one more spectacular than the other, from north to south: Putna, Suceviţa, Arbore, Moldoviţa, Humor and the crown jewel, Voroneţ. Called by some the Sistine Chapel of the East, the latter displays vivid frescoes painted in the perfect cerulean blue. Go round the main church and you’ll be rather surprised to discover the northern wall has its unique paintings almost wiped out due to the north wind.

Red, green, yellow and blue, each monastery has its own historical charm as the monastic residents share old time legends sweetened with their soft regional accent. Do not leave the monastery without enjoying every bit of a finger licking lunch, our tip is to ask for rose and raspberry sherbet as a dessert, you’ll be amazed. Then test your bargaining skills at the nearby permanent fairs for the most whimsical woven peasant blouses and other artisan objects.

Create your own holiday story in one of Romania’s dearest historical regions: Bucovina, the fair land of beech trees and living postcards. Whether it’s peacefully snowing or it is the time of blossoming flowers, the many hundreds of years old painted churches never cease to reveal their wonders unspoiled by the modern world. The painted monasteries represent the first of our living postcards from Bucovina, 6 reasons to visit the north of Romania.

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