One day getaway: heavenly food and artisan pottery

As we promised the other day, this is one of the many travelling stories about Horezu that we have created throughout the year.

Choose a Saturday or maybe a Sunday and join us for an early start as we take the long and winding road to Horezu, the crown jewel of the Romanian pottery. As we hurry over hill and dale to the city cosily sheltered at the foot of the Southern Carpathians, we first stop for a short coffee break at the Growing stones Museum. Although Trovantii or the living stones seem sculpted by Brancusi himself, they were actually created through millennia old natural processes. There is enough time for explanations and nice pictures.

Most proud of their ancient workmanship, the craftsmen of Horezu welcome you to begin your artistic journey with a visit to the contemporary Popular Art Gallery which hosts impressive proofs of local and national pottery, wood carving and weaving artistry. Thereafter join some of the local master potters in presenting their techniques then take a seat behind the potter’s wheel and let your imagination soar! After modeling, your object shall be left to dry for a few days, after that burned in special ovens to be finally delivered to your address.

Lunch is a simple, yet impressive display of the heavenly cuisine mastered by the nuns in Hurezi Monastery. The meal is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and it shall be relished in the monastery’s refectory. Soon after, you might wish to take a restful walk around the monastery premises before leisurely return to Bucharest.

Tour information:

  • Year-round availability;
  • Around 12h duration;
  • Available languages: English, German, French and Spanish;
  • Group size: minimum 4 persons;
  • Price available upon request and depending on the number of participants;
  • 4* guest house accommodation available for those interested  in a night-stop.

The single day tour activities are subject to change according to weather conditions and number of participants. All fees are included.

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